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Becoming the Bombshell

As I sit here with my smudged mascara and scary bed head looking more like Marilyn Manson than Marilyn Monroe, I wonder….Is it too late to be a bombshell? Bombshells exude sex…what do I exude? I’m afraid to even answer that question at this moment. But I think I exude surrender. After my divorce, I did not dress up and go out to bars or get online and start dating. I became way too comfortable….complacent. Complacent in my appearance, complacent in my ambition, complacent in my self-care, complacent in living. What makes a woman feel like a bombshell? I think that depends on the woman. From the right shade of lipstick and lounging in silk pajamas to entering a male dominated profession and having success… or the beautiful contradiction of both. It is whatever makes you feel powerful, smart and beautiful. It is a sense of control; sexually, professionally, physically, mentally and personally. All while maintaining a little femininity. A lovely creation of curves and backbone. I have disappeared into the background of my own life. I’ve faded to beige. I’m a saltine cracker, I’m room temperature tap water. I’m boring. I’m a former wife, a mom of adult children and a grandma. Should I just “act my age” and settle in and get comfortable with it? When I consider that, it gives me a huge rush of fear and anxiety. Is this it? Is this all I am? I feel like there is more to me. A lot more. I have an inner leopard print version of me just dying to come out. Long red nails waiting to scratch out a new way of LIFE. There is a “strut” still left in me…I just need to take the first step. Follow my page to keep up on my weekly blog, easy,tasty bombshell recipes, home décor and random musings of my journey to becoming the bombshell!
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